Compass Everyday

Day opportunities for those with learning disabilities and / or autism.


Everyday Choices:

Our service is aimed at those with profound and multiple learning disabilities or higher level needs.

Everyday Choices will:

  • Provide customers with a safe environment and facilities to meet their personal needs
  • Create an environment where customers can be supported to make choices about what they want to do and achieve
  • Understand customers communication needs and respect their lifestyle choices
  • Encourage individuals to be who they want to be and spend their time in a way that is meaningful to them
  • Recognise that people change over time and want different things at different times
  • Enable customers to be a part of their community in a way that is meaningful and appropriate to them.


Exercise and movement, massage, crafts, getting out and about, sensory room, music etc. All activities are developed and adapted to meet each persons’ individual capabilities and preferences.


Experiencing new things, new places, learning new things and meeting new people.

Social Time:

Sharing meal times, joining in activities, spending time with others.

Relaxation Time:

Quiet time, massage, books and pictures.

Everyday Choices’ customers:

  • Feel safe and secure
  • Choose what they like to do
  • Try new things
  • Share time with others
  • Get out and about
  • Have their personal care needs met
  • Laugh with (or about) staff

To find out more and arrange a visit, please call...

01823 762559

Everyday Progress:

Service for those customers who have specific development outcomes they want to achieve.

Everyday Progress will:

  • Provide customers with support to achieve the life skills they need, be who they want to be and to live the life they want.
  • Recognise that people change over time and want different things at different times.
  • Enable people to be an active part of their community in a way that is meaningful and appropriate to them.
  • Support people who have identified specific things that they want to achieve to help the progress towards the life that they want.

What might Everyday Progress look like?

Eddie would like to feel confident to stay at home, safely, without direct support for a few hours. A Progress Coach will work with Eddie at home to help him understand how to prepare a small snack/refreshments safely, what to do in an emergency and other skills that will improve his confidence.

Fleur is ready to consider volunteering as a step into paid work. Fleur would like to combine her passion for animals with volunteering. A Progress Coach will work with Fleur to help her understand work, identify possible training opportunities and help look for suitable volunteering opportunities.

Everyday Progress customers’ will:

Work with a Progress Coach to design an Everyday Progress Plan based around their specific needs and aspirations with clearly defined goals. Everyday Progress Plans will last for 3 to 6 months dependent on the goals agreed and will be reviewed regularly to ensure that goals are being met.

What next?

Each Everyday Progress customer is unique so we offer a service shaped around each unique customer. Contact us to discuss your needs and to get a Progress Plan underway.

Who is Compass Everyday for?

Both Everyday Choices and Progress are aimed at those who have been assessed by the Local Authority and are recognised as requiring support with everyday living.

Most people with profound and multiple learning disabilities can be supported. Our fully accessible facilities include full changing facilities, soft floor area, sensory room, common room and kitchen.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team will work with families to understand and fulfil individuals care and support needs by creating an individual care/support plan.

Those with low to moderate needs may find Everyday Progress particularly appealing as this aims to concentrate on the individuals agreed outcomes to move towards greater independence and greater control over their life.

You can choose to combine Choices and Progress to make a completely unique package, tailored to the individuals’ needs and aspirations, designed to achieve what is necessary to live the life they wish to. This could be a great way forward for those transitioning from education to an adult care package.

How is Compass Everyday Funded?

Depending on assessed needs and funded support plans, most options can be funded through social care funding.

With your consent we can work with your social worker to find the best funding options for you.

Elements that are not covered by social care funding are priced to be as affordable as possible e.g. trips.

What next?

To discuss your individual requirements in more details please call:

01823 762559 or email

You will be asked to leave your details and a member of the team will get back to you within two working days.