Compass Disability Services was tasked with developing a toolkit that informs and enables other organisations to adopt the user-led model, as part of our ULO project during 2010/11.

Compass Disability Services was established in 2000 by a group of disabled people who identified a need, then set up an organisation to provide a service to fill this gap.  Since that time the organisation has developed and grown in size, but has remained staunchly committed to reflecting the needs of users and involving members in decisions throughout the organisation.  Compass Disability Services has been a user-led organisation (ULO) since its inception and we continue to advocate this approach today.  This toolkit aims to provide an insight into the importance of ULOs and includes some tools which are aimed at enabling other third sector organisations to take a user-led approach, should they wish to.

Please click here to view Taking a user-led approach: A toolkit to inform organisations about the user-led model and enable them to take steps towards adopting a user-led approach


RUILS is very pleased to be able to share with you the Personal Assistant Training Films that they have created.

Each film explores the unique relationship between Employer and Personal Assistant conveying key messages and highlighting best practice.

The films cover:
1. The role of the Personal Assistant
2. Health & Safety in the home
3. Moving and Assisting
4. Working with a Client with Dementia
5. Working with a Client with a Learning Disability.

To view the films click on the link below:

If you are interested in ordering a DVD  of the films please email with your name and the number of DVDs and they will get back in touch as soon as they are available. There will be a small charge for this.