Compass Disability Services is an innovative, enlightened
and po
sitive organisation. Its mission is
"to enable disabled people and carers to have equality of opportunity".

Compass Disability Services is a user led organisation and our Board of Trustees, who are elected by our users, is comprised of at least 80% disabled people. We have adopted the Social Model of Disability as a way of working to remove barriers which exclude disabled people from equality of opportunity.

Our Values and Beliefs

• We promote independence, choice and control

• We support equality of opportunity for all people

• We operate within and promote the Social Model of Disability

• We aim to empower and enable disabled people

• We promote equal access and inclusion to all services and facilities   

• We adopt a partnership working approach

• We are a non-campaigning organisation

Compass Disability Services works through consultation, representation and service provision to fulfil our mission. We work in partnership with local government, the Health Service, Social Services, other voluntary sector and charitable organisations and anyone else who can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Compass Disability Services has a range of projects which have their own websites. Please click on the link on the left hand menu to take you to these websites for more information on the projects.


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Latest News

Oct 8, 2014

Somerset County Council are considering proposals to change the cost of Sitting Services, they are proposing to end their subsidy. Should the changes go ahead, they will impact on a number of users who are registered with ourselves. Please take a look at this SCC information sheet, and then take a few minutes to complete this on-line survey to put your views across by clicking on the image below...


Responses are needed by 12th November 2014

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