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HMRC provide a variety of webinars and e-learning packages that may interest you.

There is a self-paced e-learning package available for new employers, becoming an employer which contains a variety of essential information on PAYE, National Insurance contributions, running a payroll and paying HMRC. You are able to learn at a pace and time that suits you - dipping in and out at your leisure. Thousands of businesses have already used this package and found that it is a great way of learning. It can be saved as a favourite so it is there whenever you need to brush up on your knowledge.


In addition to the above e-learning package, there are also a range of webinars available. These enable you to attend a seminar at home and at a time that suits you. HMRC offer both live and pre-recorded webinars covering a range of topics,
one of which is dedicated to help and support for employing people. During a live webinar you would be able to ask questions and receive answers in real time.

Further information for individual employers and Personal Assistants is available at the Skills for Care Information hub

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